Would e-learning Work for you?

19 March 2015 Written by  

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Would e-learning work for you?

Personal and staff development is as important now as it has ever been, and in a fast paced business it may be even more important. But the time and ability to deliver this development is becoming more and more difficult and costly. This is particularly true of companies that have staff working at more than one location, work from home or have a compliance training need. Room hire along with travel and accommodation cost can often make face to face training prohibitive. And when staff are in a room, spending hours watching Power Point slides and listening to someone 'tell' them information is not a good use of their time. Face to face time should be used to discuss, practice, test and even break the information and get then feedback from a trainer/facilitator.

E-learning is one way of delivering learning in an efficient and cost effective way. Learners get to access the learning at a time and place convenient to themselves and it can be tracked and reported on to ensure the learning is completed. In situations where face to face training is required, e-learning can be used to 'book end' this learning. This is often called blended learning.

Completing learning modules prior to and reflective modules post classroom training can improve the overall learning process and often reduce the face to face training time.

Gareth Harris

Gareth is the owner of e-Development

e-Development design and create bespoke online learning and blended learning programmes that are an effective and efficient way to present learning material. They work closely with companies, trainers and consultants to build online modules that make your skills and knowledge or training material available via the Internet/Intranet.

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